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Kiri McCart has been an accessories and product designer for ten years. Among Kiri’s noteworthy skills as a designer is her ability to formulate a collection that is both visually striking as well as marketable. She draws inspiration from unexpected places and channels those ideas into designs that are fresh and innovative. She has a keen eye for architectural details and lines, robust colors, and captivating textures and materials.

Mood Boards, Brand and Market Analysis


Computer and Hand-drawn Designs


Specification and Technical Packs


Development and Production Management


We design for start-ups, and big & small companies with a specialty in handbag, backpack, travel packs, and tote bag & more. We provide services in the design, development, and production phases of product creation.

  • Research

After discussing your brand and your projects needs, I research the market to see what is currently selling that is similar to your idea as well as unique shapes, details, and features that I think would work for your project. I will send you an Inspiration Packet for you to review and for us to discuss so that I can get a better grasp of your idea.

  • Initial Design

We provide initial concept designs (for each item you want designed) to choose from and will submit these to you for feedback.

  • Final Design

Once you’ve chosen a design(s) We will proceed to creating a final design that is fully rendered with color and materials and includes multiple views and details about the product’s function.

  • Tech Pack

Once the final design has been approved We will proceed to creating the Tech Pack. The tech pack includes specifications, measurements, detailed information about the pattern and the materials, and all other essential information necessary for the manufacturer to develop a prototype/sample of the design.

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Turn Your Idea into Real

  • Follow-Up Communication: handle all correspondence with the production team regarding the development of the design to ensure that it is developed in the most cost-effective and timely manner.
  • Corrections to the Prototype: review the prototype with you and we will discuss the necessary changes that need to be made. I will then correct the prototype and revise/update the Tech Pack and submit both forms to the manufacturer to create a new prototype of the updated design.
  • Final Sample Specs: create the final sample specification forms for each design that will include correct materials and colors for the final samples.

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