Fabric Options

Explore the wide range of options available to choose from, including cotton and canvas of different weights, fabric and non-woven varieties, microfiber, polyester, PU, jute and faux leather.

Polyester Oxford Fabric

Oxford Fabric

Spunbond Nonwoven Fabrics

Non-woven Fabric

Nylon Clothes

Nylon Fabric


Canvas Fabric

faux leather

Faux PU Leather


Felt Fabric


Vinyl Fabric

Microfiber Material

Microfiber Fabric


Jute Fabric


Cotton Fabric


Polyester Fabric

Color Options

We use Pantone Coated color references as a universal language for color for our bags. Whilst this is not a perfect method of ensuring print and fabric color, it works well within reason.

We always recommend asking for a test print sample or a bag pre-production sample to ensure we have matched to your color perfectly.

Download Color Chart

Printing Options

Print options for bags are varied and something we do very well. We also do experimental work if you’re not quite sure about the finish you are looking for. There are so many methods of print to employ that it can be confusing if you’ve not printed on a bag before. We can recommend the best method for your artwork or trial a few options to achieve the finish you are looking for.

Print options for bags are many and we will be pleased to talk through each method to help you better understand them. We can recommend which print option for your bag to choose based on seeing your artwork.

  • Screen Printing

    It is the most popular and economic form of print options for bags. Pigment inks are passed through a mesh screen onto the fabric and allowed to dry. The colours appear crisp and vibrant

  • Digital Printing

    Digital printing on bags offers clear, precise detail for complicated designs. It takes a digital based image and is applied direct to garment.

  • Heat Transfer

    This technology reduced the use of solvents in the printing process and has the ability to provide a superb registration between print colors.

  • Neon print for bags

    We can achieve a neon print by using florescent inks within the screen printing process. If you supply your Pantone reference from the neons and we will be pleased to match it for a super snazzy finish.

  • Metallic print for bags

    Our gold and silver inks have small amounts of real gold and silver in them, offering a shimmer to the print.

  • Embroidery for bags

    We can turnaround embroidery on bags within a really short lead-time from our UK workshop. You can supply the design and we will make it for you.

  • Applique for bags

    Choosing applique for bags is a great way to make an individual bag. They can be attached to your bag for a unique look.

  • 3D Puff print for bags

    A raised ink which offers unique texture to a bag. It looks good and feels wonderful. Print options for bags are so huge, do ask for advice.

  • Plastisol for bags

    Plastisol print is a great print option for bags and is great for opaque colors and clear graphic detail. It offers a different finish to a bag and is unusual.

  • Foiling bags

    You can achieve a very shiny effect on a natural or bleached fabric, then foiling can achieve this.

Label Options

Labels for bags can add value to the bag you have made. It can be your logo or icon on a woven label. Or perhaps you might like your bag label to be a metal button and embossed. You might also add in care label to allow the user to look after their product. Once you’ve decided what kind of label you would like to enhance your bag, you will need to decide where it will be sewn in. There are multiple fold options, you can see below the various options..

Woven Labels

Woven Labels

printed labels

Printed Labels

care labels

Care Labels

Metal Labels

Metal Labels

badge labels

Badge Labels

hang labels

Hang Labels