Top 9 Best Custom Backpack Manufacturers in China/USA/UK

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Do you know the global backpack industry aims to grow at a rate of 4.4% annually? Currently, the backpack industry generates $17.42 Billion USD with $2.7 Billion USD in the U.S alone. Within 3 years, total market will reach $19.6 Billion USD. If you’re planning to make your own backpacks, it is imperative you find the best backpack manufacturers in China right away. Our experts can point you in the right direction.


How to Turn Your Genius Idea of Bag into An Actual Product?

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If you’ve ever wanted to start a business, you know the challenges are one too many. However, the truth everyone has been hiding from you is revealed today. From your bare-boned idea of a bag to curating the fittest product, ordering production launch and earning profits, we have everything laid out for you! Don’t ponder how to turn your great idea of bag into an actual product. We’ve all the answers right HERE.

Top 15 Best Bag Suppliers in China 2019

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Planning to sell your own line of custom bags? Perhaps you’re searching for the best China Bag Suppliers for your new and upcoming bag brand. We’ve got your bag (pun intended)! The best bag manufacturer in China can be found by their experience, credibility and service offers.

Rather than bragging about how good one brand is, let us help you locate all the top five regions in China for bag manufacturing. We’ve also listed the top 15 best suppliers for wholesale bags in China so that you can choose your pick!

5 China Bag Manufacturing Regions and Top 15 China Bag Wholesale Suppliers


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Personalized tote bags saves the environment and helps you carry all the things you need in a single bag. Suitable for everyone, tote bags are all the fad now. They look stylish yet minimalist and casual too. If you’re thinking of choosing custom women tote bag, you need to know it inside-out so that you can pick the best for your brand.

Do you know what Tote means? We’ve revealed it in the end!

Ultimate Guide to Custom Bag With Personalized Logo

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We get tons of requests every day for bulk orders of custom bags with personalized logos. If you want directions on how to proceed on picking your own custom bag to launch your brand, let the professionals help you. With customizing your line of bags you can boost brand recognition, loyalty and awareness too. That’s why, today our bag experts will elaborate how to create your own custom bag with personalized logo.

Breakdown of the Different Materials for Tote Bag

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While every tote bag can be useful, each type of material has distinctive characteristics that set them apart from one another. If you plan on using your bags to carry clothes to and from the laundromat every week, you’ll want a tote that’s durable and won’t lock in smelly odors. On the other hand, if you rarely use your tote bags, it might be best to pick one that’s easy to store away without fear of wrinkles.

Women Bag Trends in Spring 2019

It’s never too early to start looking at spring handbags and they are a fun way to update an outfit and give it a little panache. The runway this year was full of pops of color especially in hand bags. We are seeing lots of really inventive and unique (if not always practical) shapes, sizes and materials too. Here are some of the spring handbag trends that I find most appealing.

Looking for The Perfect Tote Bag for All Your Needs

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Looking to leave your current over-worn purse in the past for something that can carry it all? We’ve got it in the bag—literally. Every gal should have a trusted tote bag in her closet that can help tackle any commute or vacay with effortless style. This list of notables is certain to fit every woman’s busy lifestyle or jam-packed itinerary. Our selection of algorithm-vetted best tote bags features zip-top closures, supple leather, functional pockets, and spacious interiors perfect for every style and budget. No matter where your lifestyle takes you—frequent trips to the gym, cross-country work trips, or keeping up with the kids—a good tote bag is the ultimate accessory. Combining necessary function with the added bonus of style, the following tote bags we’ve rounded up are worth adding to your wish list in 2019.