Top 10 Handbag Trends in Fall and Winter 2020

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Trends and styles continuously evolve throughout time. Although some fashion items, fabrics, or styles could be more prevalent at a particular time, you can always find your own style and follow the current trends at the same time. We’re going to discuss some of the top trends in 2020/2021 regarding fall and winter handbag trends.

Micro Bags

This trend has started to become more and more popular ever since the first micro bags firstly appeared. Carrying a huge bag isn’t necessary if you don’t have a lot of items to hold in it, that’s why micro bags have become the popular choice for a lot of events and outfits.

Jacquemus, Fendi or Versace have introduced small bags that were attached to some of their bigger models so they could be used as wallets or spaces where you can store your valuables. Fendi even introduced a model that you can attach to your belt, and it’s a miniature version of some of their most popular bags. 

Vintage Coin Purses

The last decade has been a massive game-changer when it comes to style. A lot of vintage clothing and styling accessories and elements have started to come back in trend. We can discuss even hairstyles, clothing, watches, and vehicles. With the considerable advancement of technology, some people have decided that their personality fits more with vintage objects that offer them a unique style and some extra class. 

Vintage coin purses have started to become more and more popular because of their livelihood and old school designs. Paco Rabanne, Lanvin, Tory Burch, and Miu Miu are just a few of the brands that have started creating vintage coin purses for their buyers. The dominant colors and old school designs make these purses excellent for a lot of special occasions or even for those days when you feel that you want to express as much as you can with your outfit.


Saddlebags have also become very popular amongst women in the last period, and they’re still growing in popularity. These models have a charming, practical aspect to them since they don’t have to be held in hand at all times. Merely putting the strap over your shoulder and wearing a well-chosen saddlebag could significantly improve the quality of your style and life.

These bags are ideal for more active outfits, when you have to travel or if you want to keep your things close to you while going on walks or doing other relaxing physical activities. They’re a great choice if you’re going to mix them with some equestrian boots and give your style an extra twist. A lot of designers have decided to create saddlebags, including Dior and Tony Burch.

Thick Chains

We’ve started noticing that a lot of bags with thick chains have become trendy as well. This is a choice that has been made by a lot of designers in the past years. They evidently came with a huge success! Even if it’s a smaller bag or purse or even a discrete backpack, designers have started adding chains to a lot of their models.

Chains have also become more and more present in other accessories or fashion items in the past years. We’ve seen them on shoes, jeans, and even as individual accessories coming from some designers. Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, and J.W. Anderson are some of the brands that decided to add thick chains to their collections, and they weren’t wrong about it. 

Reusable bottle bags

Being environmentally friendly has also become a trend in the past decade. While a lot of people do it because they actually care about nature and want to protect it as much as they can, some people simply do it because it has become fashionable. Eco-friendly straws and to-go cups have become a massive trend for a lot of people and businesses.

Reusable bottles are also a big trend at the moment, and people rarely buy plastic water bottles anymore. This was a trend mostly for people that were involved in sports. At the moment, everyone is picking it up. A single person that uses a reusable bottle saves the ocean of a lot of plastic each year, so it was normal that they would start being a fashion item as well.

For the many different styles of reusable bottles, many different bags have started appearing for them. If you have a reusable bottle, you can also get a special bag to match it with so you can comfortably wear it around your waist or on your shoulder. Kenzo, Collina Strada, Stella McCartney, and other top brands have started designing their own reusable bottles along with bags as well. If you want to wear your reusable bottle with style, 2020/2021 is the perfect season for that since you now have a lot of options that might even surprise you!

Shearling bags

Since shearling coats and jackets have become a huge trend, bags naturally followed. This material offers the wearer an incredibly cozy and warm feeling along with a great style. The shearling bags simply look amazing, and they can be easily matched with a coat or jacket to create an eye-catching outfit for fall or winter. Michael Kors and Dior have already presented their shearling bags on the runways, and they look simply fabulous.

Other brands decided that they should add more of their unique style to these shearling bags, so they even played with colors. While white or beige are the most commonly used colors, you can also find bags that come in blue, purple, or other eccentric colors that could make sure you’re noticed while walking down the street. Their cozy feeling sure makes them a desirable item for everyone.

Geometric purses

Geometric purses have also started becoming more and more trendier with each day that passes. If it’s a sphere, a cube, or even the shape of a heart, people have started showing a lot of interest in these bags. Their aspect is exciting, so we’re not surprised that their popularity has started growing substantially ever since their first appearance. Moschino, Zimmerman, and Lanvin have presented some incredibly beautiful models on the runway, and we’re sure that a lot of people out there would love having one of those bags on their side.

The unusual shape of these bags will surely make people notice you, that’s why this choice is best suited for those fashion icons that really want to make themselves stand out while walking down the street. Oscar de la Renta also created a beautiful bag in the shape of a sphere, with black and white leather. It kind of looks like a soccer ball if you look too much at it, but it looks absolutely amazing. People have also been going for models that have the shape of a triangle, those models look incredible as well, and they could always be a great choice for your outfit.

Box Purses

Just like geometric purses, box purses have also started to become more and more popular in the fashion world—different shapes and sizes but boxes nonetheless. Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Roksanda, and Coach are some of the most popular brands that have been using box models for their bags. These models will become a choice for the 2020/2021 season, and people will inevitably start giving them a lot of interest because of their unique and distinctive look.

Lunchbox/Toolbox shapes

Some of them could be confused as toolboxes if you don’t look close enough at the luxury materials they are made from while others resemble lunch boxes. That doesn’t matter as long as they look fantastic, and the more we look at them, the more we realize that they actually do look amazing.

Strapped in

Closing up the list of popular trends for the 2020/2021 fall and winter season, we’ll talk about strapped in bags as well since we all know that they have been a constant hit for quite some time. The practical aspect of these bags makes them very popular amongst young people that live an active lifestyle and that are always on the run. The fashion aspect is also one that we have to mention since they can make your outfit look absolutely amazing.

Having a bag on your waist could completely change the way your outfit looks, and most people know that, and that’s why they use them. Michael Kors came with an amazing model that you can strap on under your jacket, and it looks amazing if you’re going to wear it with the right outfit. It’s also a great way of making sure that you have all of your valuables in one place so you won’t have to stress about losing anything or about pickpockets. Their popularity increased directly with the popularity of festivals, since people tend to spend a lot of time outdoors there and they needed a way to carry their items but still enjoy the show, and a normal bag wouldn’t have been the right option.

Wrapping up

All in all, we hope that this list of the top 10 handbag trends in Fall/Winter 2020 helped you catch up with what’s to come. Whether you prefer a more conservative style or you want to go for a bold statement, you should surely update your handbag collection and stay on top of the trend!