21 Ways to Choose Best Bag Factory for your Business

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Imagine finding loose stitches in 200 out of 500 personalized canvas handbags on your third order from the supplier. The problem is actually not the defect, but how the supplier addresses the issue. Will he create a replacement offer or terminate the contract? While there are trustworthy wholesale handbag sellers, you might meet fraudulent suppliers who will deny their responsibility altogether. They might even find a way to blame it on you. How do you avoid this? Simple- use our 21 ways to choose the Choose Best Bag Factory as a checklist!

How to Choose Best Bag Factory for your Business?

When you should choose the best handbag factory, a 5-pointer checklist is not enough. That’s because we personally know of people who were fooled by suppliers before they worked with Ezihom Custom. It’s not a joke; you can lose hundreds and thousands of dollars looking for the right supplier.

We don’t want you to make the same mistakes others did. It took us a long time to combine this checklist to choose the best handbag factory, but we’re sure you’ll find great value from it!

Let’s get started.

1.   Create a Timeline to Choose, Don’t Rush

Rushing into suppliers will only lead you to traps and scams. You need to keep away a finite schedule and give yourself the time to go through each supplier before finalizing on one. The best way to do it is shortlist your suppliers and put the timer on. You can create a deadline to assess their service, responsiveness and reliability.

2.   Estimate a Budget That Fits Your Funds

The second most important thing on the checklist for finding your supplier is creating a budget. How much do you want to spend on sourcing your products? If you dive in blindly with a wad of cash, your wallet will deflate faster than you can count. Don’t confuse this with affordability, it’s the next point.

3.   Affordability of the Rates Offered by Handbag Supplier

For many bag buyers, price or rates of the wholesale custom handbags are the first priority. Moreover, unless the bags are affordable, how can you make a profit from it? Ask about different rates the bag factory is ready to offer you if you place a bulk order or order consistently from them.

4.   Check Reviews and References of Handbag Supplier

Whenever you are searching for a wholesale supplier to create your dream bags, do a background check. You need answers for the following-

  • Can you read their customer reviews?
  • Are there reviews from verified purchases about the bag supplier online?
  • Were there any negative reviews?
  • How did the bag manufacturer address negative reviews?

5.   Regulatory Compliance and Licenses

When it comes to products you need to import from other countries, it is best to stick with a handbag factory that has the laws and regulations covered for you. Check if their quality control complies with ISO 9001 parameters. Ask for trade licenses, zoning permit, sales tax permit, and VAT licenses.

6.   Pick The Supplier with a Wide Variety of Handbags

Handbag suppliers are available all over the world. However, if you want a bag factory that can manufacture varieties of handbags, you need a supplier with versatile bags. Imagine you want to scale your business in the future with a new material and style of handbags. Will the supplier be able to cover your future orders too?

7.   Choose The Best Bag Factory with Logo and Personalization

One of the peaks of ordering from online wholesale handbag suppliers is that you can get your order items branded too. Choose your personalized logo and share it with the manufacture. Don’t forget to choose a supplier who has varied printing, labeling and personalizing options for you to choose from.

8.   Decide On the Type of Handbag You Want

Have you decided the type of handbag you want? From mini handbags to slingbags, formal handbags and handbags with handle, there are many types of handbags you can choose from. Next to pick is the material of the handbag. Ask the supplier about a catalogue or list of all the handbag materials they manufacture.

At Ezihom Custom, you can choose from handbag fabric options like Vegan Leather, Oxford, Non-Woven, Nylon, Canvas, Felt, Vinyl, Cotton, Jute and Polyester.

9.   Delivery Options Offered by the Supplier

Shipping is important because you need to know the timeframe for producing each order. Request an answer from the supplier to- How much time do they take to ship the products to you economically? Some wholesalers may even offer drop shipping, which can be linked directly to your eCommerce shop.

10.   Payment Terms and Conditions of the Supplier

Next comes the most important of all- payment. What are the modes of payment accepted by the supplier? Should you pay after or before the delivery of the order? Please request the terms and conditions of the payment from the supplier. Inquire their returns and policies that make the conditions void. Check and read the fine print on their contract agreement policies.

11.   Total Experience and Stability of the Supplier

If you want your ordering process of handbags to go smooth, you need to order from a handbag factory with experience. Working with amateurs might lead you to mistakes. Moreover, experiences handbag suppliers like Ezihom Custom can give you insights about the order to prevent novice errors.

12.   Accessibility and Responsiveness of Bag Supplier

It is important to choose a handbag supplier who can offer you seamless communication in your choice of language. They must be available and responsive with clear communication skills. Compare your time zones and working hours to prevent future friction.

13.   Ethical Compliance of the Handbag Factory

Have you checked if your shortlisted supplier sources raw materially ethically? Another important thing to keep in mind is the social effect of forced labor of factories on your brand. Remember unethical and illicit practices will only lead to problems. You might even get blacklisted from your target demographic!

14.   Packaging Versatility of the Wholesale Bag Supplier

What are the packaging options offered by the supplier? For a retailer of handbags, you need to check if it is good for directly selling to the customers without repackaging. Selecting a handbag supplier with wide assortment of packing options will save you big!

15.   Inquire Quality Control Measures of the Bag Supplier

Ask your handbag supplier about the quality control measures they take. Before finalizing the order, we also suggest you audit the process for safety and future security. Ensure that they comply with standard safety and quality standards.

16.   Risk of the Suppler and Proactive Measures

Don’t work with suppliers who are offering you unbelievable prices if there is risk involved. Whether it is your debut business or ace, you need to assess all the risks such as late production, delivery and defects or returns with the supplier before you finalize your contract.

17.   Shortlist Handbag Factories from Around the World

Next on the checklist is a shortlist of at least a handful of suppliers. Depending on your location, budget, specs and other requirements mentioned above, pick the best supplier. Use this blog article on Handbag manufacturers in China/ USA and European Countries to create a rough draft.

18.   Ask for Samples from Wholesale Bag Factory

This is a general pointer that must be on your checklist for handbag factories. When you receive the samples, you can clearly assess the quality and craftsmanship as well as work ethics of the wholesaler. Once you have multiple samples, compare the quotes and samples of shortlisted suppliers.

19.   Requests Bids from Shortlisted Bag Suppliers

Once you have a list of shortlisted suppliers and samples, notify them that you are ready for bids. Technically, this can be done as a Request For Quotation (RFQ) or Request For Proposal (RFP) with elaborate details or prototype of the item. Request specific details on production, quality and so on.

20.   MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity

The most important part on the checklist is also the MOQ. You need to know the minimum order you need to place to get the handbag from the wholesaler. While some wholesalers have 50 or 500 others can go up to 1000 or 10,000. Ensure that you have the MOQ clearly in writing, lest they slap hidden charges on you.

21.   Alignment of Ideas with Best Bag Supplier

We are at the final pointer for your handbag supplier checklist. You need to know if your brand ideas match with the long-term ideas of the supplier.

  • Can they handle rush orders?
  • Do they want to stay in the business?
  • Can you grow and scale with them?
  • What are their ideas for custom bag requests that you might want in the future?

Find out if the handbag factory is pleasant to deal with because long-term relationships are built on basic engagement, communication and personality skills.


As a bonus, here’s one more tip– put the supplier on a probation for a month or three when you start working with them. Take the time to assess the performance of the supplier. It will help you choose the best bag factory for long-term business.  

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