Best Handbag Manufacturers in China/USA/European Countries


Do you know the market size of the worldwide handbag industry? It was USD 47.0 billion in 2018. The industry size is expected to expand to 67.95 billion by 2025, progressing at a rate of 5.4% CAGR until 2025. Why is the handbag industry booming? The female workforce around the world is increasing drastically. If you’re thinking of starting a handbag brand, this is the best time to start it. We will help you find the best handbag manufacturers in China/ USA/ European Countries to save you time, money and energy.

What are Handbags?

Moderately big bags with handles or slings used to accessorize office wear and casual wear are handbags. The handbag market is seeing booming growth this time of the year. While leather is the rising market, there are outstanding designs that are getting unique attention.

Types of Handbag Varieties to Choose From

When choosing your handbag that represents your brand, it is best to have a wide selection by opting for the best wholesale handbag supplier. The more you know about the handbag style, size, accessories, fabric and other specifications, easier will be the process of launching your dream handbags. First step to do so is by picking the best handbag amongst the best.

1.   Shoulder Handbag

Referred to handbags that have handles that let you wear it on the shoulder with ease. There are thousands of varieties of shoulder bags and hence you must have a clear idea when pitching to the supplier. Shoulder bags can be of small size or large size depending on their functionality. Office shoulder bags are large in size to accommodate for the all the knick-knacks the modern woman carries with her.

2.   Sling or Chain Handbag

When you have an ultra-urbane chain as the sling of your bag, it is called a chained handbag. They are a party go-to accessory available in mesmerizing styles and colors. It caters to a wide target audience from young to old demographic. Sling bags are typically small in size to accommodate minimum knick-knacks.

3.   Leather Handbag

The most popular and trending variety of handbag that looks chic from all angles, leather handbags are ideal for office, travel and festive wear. They are usually large in size but run low too. Quilted leather handbags are the best choice for 2019-2020.

4.   Handbag with Handles

Uber formal handbags are those that come with stiff handles. Such handbags generally have a shoulder strap and handle to accommodate two different styles- on the shoulder or in the hand. They are called top handle handbags and usually feature large sizes.

5.   Formal Handbag

Formal handbags can accommodate even small clutches or wristlets. They are typically large with enough space to accommodate the women’s accessories. Formal handbags are functional and multi-faceted as they are useful for travel to business and meetings or events.

6.   Satchel Handbags

Considered a blend of formal handbag and a laptop backpack, satchels are trending hot as they are preferred by a majority of working women. Made from a variety of fabric, satchels are usually large in size for fitting gadgets to laptop, makeup accessories and other trinkets.

7.   Tote Handbag

Also called the hobo bag, tote handbag is a large bag with space enough to fit clothes to mini bags. It comprises of 41.7% share of the global handbags market. Tote handbag can be made from canvas to jute and even leather depending on the functionality. They are ideal for travel and fun.

8.   Clutch Handbag

Popular as the daily clutch bag, they are improvised from the formal handbags. Typically, a clutch is connected with a sling or shoulder strap to wear it as a handbag. Made small in size, clutch handbags are ideal for party wear.

9.   Mini Handbag

Called the mini shoulder bag, mini handbags are palm-sized with little space inside. They are not great for travel, but ideal for vanity events or parties.

3 Best Handbag Manufacturers in China

We are going to learn about the top wholesale handbag suppliers in China. The total revenue of handbags in China for the year 2019 comes to $6,854 million at an annual growth rate of 1.9% CAGR annually.

While PU handbags are available in Shengyi and Leather handbags in Shang Hai, who are the best China handbag manufacturers online? Let’s find out!

·    Ezihom Handbags

Are you looking for a reliable handbag supplier with reputable industry experience? Ezihom Custom is at your service.

Considered the leader in handbag manufacturing, Ezihom offers a wide variety of formal handbags, mini handbags, shoulder bags, handbags with handle, chained or sling handbags and daily clutch bags.

You can provide your unique design and we will whip out your dream handbag exactly as you want. We guarantee the same because of our flawless experience with handbag brands and clients all over the world. You can also apply your custom logo to personalize your wholesale handbag at no overcharges. Choose from Pantone Coated Color references to Fabric, Printing Options and Label options to make your bag stand out with Ezihom.

·    Chinabrands

One of the popular handbag manufacturers in China, ChinaBrands offers handbags. However, they are not an exclusive handbag supplier in China. When you shop with China Brands, you will notice they also offer home and lighting, computer supplies, electronics, toys, sports, phone, tablets, clothing, beauty, mobile and even automobiles.

·    Lox Hangbag Factory

Popular for fashion bag, cosmetic handbags, shopping bags, and computer handbags, Lox offers products directly from the factory. Located in Dongguan Liaobu with over 180 employees.

You can learn about backpack manufacturers in China here.

3 Best Handbag Manufacturers in USA

The largest revenue of handbags sales comes from the United States at $13,638 Million USD in 2018, jumping to $12,025 Million USD in 2019 from $11.6 Million USD in 2015. It is growing at a CAGR rate of 4.5% until 2021. In short, North America comprises of 30% of the global handbag market. Online sales of handbags are expected to grow at 7.4% CAGR until 2025.

If you want to proudly promote ‘Made in U.S.A’, you need a handbag wholesale supplier who is reputable, trustworthy and capable. How to find them? We will help you out!

·    Rose Wholesale

Ideal for cheap wholesale handbags, Rose Wholesale in USA offers shoulder bags, cross body bags, tote bags and cosmetics bags under the handbag category. They are not exclusive handbag sellers as they feature accessories, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, beauty and shoes too.

·    Fashion Go

Located in Los Angeles, Fashion Go is the one stop shop for diverse handbag suppliers in USA. From evening bags to formal handbags, cosmetic bags, clutch bags, shoulder bags and top handle bags, you will find manufacturers that sell all types of handbags.

·    Choice Handbag

The best place to buy jewelry, accessories, beach towels and beauty products other than handbags, Choice Handbag is one of the largest wholesale suppliers for handbags in U.S.A. You get FREE shipping over purchases of $1000 with wholesale minimum order at $100!

3 Best Handbag Manufacturers in UK/ European

As per the statistics, in the U.K handbags sales were recorded at $8,490 Million USD in 2018 expected to grow at a rate of 2.8% CAGR until 2021. If you’re searching for the best wholesale handbag supplier in UK, start scrolling.

·    LS Wholesale

Located in Benton, United Kingdom LS Wholesale features satchel bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, leather bags, cross body bags, office bags and grab bags for wholesale buyers.

·    Bagzone

Other than handbags, BagZone also sells clutches, wallets, belts and wine glass charms. They offer fashion handbags, shoulder handbags, hobo bags and tote bags with minimum order value at £60.

·    Wholesale Bags Online

Baby changing bags to shoulder handbags, leather handbags, PU handbags, microfiber handbags, beach bags and canvas bags, Wholesale Bags Online has products starting from £2!

How to select your wholesale handbag supplier?

Wholesale handbag suppliers are tough to screen. If you don’t do a thorough inquiry, you can suffer loss in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Before placing a wholesale order of handbags online, it is important to go through the pro tips on how to select the best handbag manufacturer.

There are five prominent ways to select the best handbag manufacturers in China/US/European Countries easily. Let’s find out!

·    Experience and Reviews

The first thing to determine whether the wholesale handbag manufacturer is right for you is by checking their reviews or references. Experience or specialization with handbags you want to manufacture would be a plus point.

·    Minimum Order Quantity

Inquire the minimum order quantity or MOQ for the order before you place an order. This will help you estimate your budget.

·    Diversity of Options

Can you grow with the supplier? If you want to expand to other handbag varieties, does the supplier have options? Or would you have to find another supplier for the same? Get a handbag supplier with specialization in bags.


Before you go, here’s a bonus tip to find the best handbag manufacturers in China/US/ European countries- ask the following question. How does the supplier evaluate their quality control measures? Inquire with the customer service and order only if you are satisfied with their responses.

Talk with our customer service team right away to find out the best options to buy wholesale handbags online.