Custom Backpacks for Your Startup Business

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When you’re a person with a refined sense of fashion, you know the tough luck in the fashion world. Custom printed backpacks and personalized backpacks are all the hype. Do you know you can get custom backpacks for your brand with the logo? Today we will walk you through ways of designing your own custom backpacks for startup business.

What Are Custom Backpacks?

First thing first, custom backpacks can be any type of backpack that is customized to meet your brand preferences. You can get a custom made backpack based on your strict design and drawings today from Custom branded backpacks China. Ezihom is a leading industry major in designing trending custom backpacks.

How to Design Custom Backpacks for Startup Business?

You are all set to create your own custom backpack that will define your brand. What to do next? How do you approach wholesale custom backpacks manufacturers? What are the questions you should remember to ask and specify? We’ve got all the answers to your boiling questions.

Now, let’s find out!

1.   Step #1: Purpose and Functionality of the Bags

Besides branding for giveaways, you can start a business around the dream design of your backpacks. Custom backpacks must be created with a focus on the demographic it will serve such as the teenagers, youth, office-goers, party goers, travelers, business people, or students. A good backpack is also defined by the things you want to carry in it.

Once you define the purpose of your custom backpack, you will be able to narrow down the design and finish smoothly.

2.   Step #2: Choose the Type of Backpack

Next step is to choose the right type of customized backpack for your business. Choosing the right one will define the style of your brand. Hence, choose wisely. Feel free to order prototypes at Ezihom where you cover no more than the shipping fee!

·    Hydration Water Backpack or Bladder Pouch Backpack

These are trekking and tactical backpacks that are made for rugged travel. Hydration water backpacks are defined by the amount of water they can carry with durability.

·    School/ College Backpack

Used by students such as teenagers into youth, school and college backpacks at Ezihom even come with USB charging ports. Ideal for keeping your gym or camping gear, this is great for the beach ride too. Made from lightweight material, it is good for as a party sack.

·    Loop Backpack with Compression Straps

When you have a backpack with loops and adjustable compression straps, you can carry essentials on a trek easily. It is built with lightweight fabric polyester and monster hook clips. Space for tablet and laptop placement is also present.  

·    Travel/ Business/ Laptop Backpack

Antoehr popular category of backpack is the travel backpack. It is also called the business backpack as it fits the office norms and conduct too. You can fit your laptop and other business or travel supplies easily in this backpack.

Our custom travel backpacks also come with anti-theft technology. It is designed for functional use with several pockets and slots to keep things organized.

3.   Step #3: Design and Color of Custom Backpacks

Custom made backpacks with your brand colors or brand themes and ideas on it will kickstart a new generation of brand identity and recognition for your startup business. It can expose your style and vision to the demographic.

You must choose from one of the six designs of backpacks we have on Ezihom or provide a design. We also offer designing services. The brand color will be fixed according to brand theme or colors. When selecting the color and design of the backpack, ensure that you remember the functionality and demographic it will serve.

At Ezihom, we use Pantone Coated color references to finalize the custom backpack color and design. Request your sample before finalizing on the backpack.

4.   Step #4: Pick a Fabric Type

The next step is to pick a fabric type for your backpack. We have a wide assortment of backpack fabric for wholesale orders right below.

·    Oxford Fabric

Oxford backpacks are famous for athletic demographic who use it for trekking and hiking. It brings the sporty side of things, if your brand is themed likewise. It is durable and versatile. Waterproof oxford is a unique variety of oxford fabric.

·    Non-Woven Fabric

With a weave-like finish just as you see on canvas, non-woven fabric for bags are rad. It is made from fibers and made thermally, chemically or mechanically. It is durable to last a long time if your brand mission includes durable custom backpacks for startup business.

·    Nylon Fabric

Almost all of the heavy duty backpacks are made from nylon or ultra-strong nylon material. It is best for travel bags as nylon travel backpacks are easy to clean and effortless to maintain.

·    Canvas Fabric

One of the premium fabric for backpacks, canvas is made from cotton. It is sturdier and durable than cotton owing to its plain weave. Canvas fabric for custom backpacks make it look unique, organic and bespoke.

·    Faux PU Leather Fabric

Considered most realistic and soft among faux leather, PU Faux leather fabric for backpacks bring out the retro style if your brand is aligned that way. They come from a polyester and not PVC. It is stylish, trendy and fashionable fabric for bags.

·    Vinyl Fabric

Mostly used for handbags, vinyl fabric is excellent for backpacks with a trendy style. Synthetic leather and polyester fabric creates vinyl fabric.

·    Microfiber Fabric

Used for a variety of handbags, wallets and even shoes, microfiber fabric for Wholesale backpacks with logo are durable. Do you know they are almost water-repellant? Ideal for travel and picnic backpacks, microfiber fabric is lightweight too.

·    Jute Fabric

Strongest natural fiber in the world, jute backpacks are popular as burlaps. Hessian weave is the common jute bag design. It is eco-friendly and affordable for backpacks besides being organic.

·    Cotton Fabric

Breathable and lightweight, cotton backpacks are stylish too. They are made from pure cotton in the style or design of your choice.

·    Polyester Fabric

Polyester backpacks is the popular variety of backpack material for travel and school and college going students. Being affordable and easy to dye, polyester bags are best for any upcoming startup business.

5.   Step #5: Specify The Dimensions of the Bag

Have you designed a prototype bag? If so, share your dimensions with our customer service representatives and we will give you a detailed quote on your bag. If not, get started on your prototype by talking with our experts with a comment below with size, pockets, zippers, metal accessories and so on for your custom backpacks. Make sure you think about your target audience when you decide the dimensions of the custom backpack that will define your brand.

6.   Step #6: Choose your Printing Option

How do you want to print your bag? If this is the first time you’re hearing about different printing for custom backpacks, sit down and take a read.

·    Screen Printing for Backpacks

Screen printed backpacks are cool for college going youth or teenagers in school. It is also famous among hikers and adventure sports doers. Custom imprinted backpacks can be designed with your choice of accessories.

·    Embroidery

Backpacks custom embroidered with screen printed logo are excellent for a nature-enthusiastic business. It is beautiful and makes backpacks look ornate and elegant. Embroidery makes your brand logo really pop out. 

·    Digital Printing

School canvas backpacks often come with digital printing. It is a precision based printing that brings out the exact dimensions of your picture and design. Laptop bags with digital printing is another niche that can cater to upcoming backpack brands.

·    Applique

Often using a nylon twill, letters are sewn on the backpack by replacing one material with another. They are attached to your custom backpack for a stylish upgrade!

·    Heat Transfer

When you use heat transfer printing for backpacks, you can create intricate designs with realistic texture on the bag. It nulls the use of solvents and directly applies the picture or design.

·    3d Puff Print

Considered best for school and student bags, 3D Puff print gives a raised feel to your design on the Custom logo backpack. It gives a 3D feel to your picture or design.

·    Neon Print

Neon backpacks are super cool, period. It is waterproof and great for travel too. Travel rucksack backpacks in neon print with fluorescent ink will make it look cool.

·    Plastisol

Printing in plastisol for backpacks makes your design intricate and precise. It is often used with opaque tones that stands out from the ordinary.

·    Metallic Print

Popular for school backpacks and messenger backpacks, metallic print with gold and silver is a popular option for glitter and shimmer.

·    Foiling Bags

For a bleached or shiny surface of the backpacks, foiling printing for bags is done. It is a popular premium screen printing method for Custom backpacks.

7.   Step #7: Select the Label and Logo On the Backpack 

To apply the logo of your brand, you can select from Woven, Printed, Care, Metal, Badge and Hang options.


Design your own backpack that reflects the true identity of your brand. Customize your own backpack because custom backpacks for startup business is the best idea to create a brand that reflects with your demographic.

Start talking with our experts today!