Top 9 Best Custom Backpack Manufacturers in China/USA/UK

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Do you know the global backpack industry aims to grow at a rate of 4.4% annually? Currently, the backpack industry generates $17.42 Billion USD with $2.7 Billion USD in the U.S alone. Within 3 years, total market will reach $19.6 Billion USD. If you’re planning to make your own backpacks, it is imperative you find the best backpack manufacturers in China right away. Our experts can point you in the right direction.


Why buy Backpacks from Wholesale Backpack Manufacturers?

Unlike a laptop sleeve, a backpack serves a wide variety of customers. Travel backpacks to camping backpacks and school backpacks, there are many to choose from. You must choose the best backpack manufacturer based on your target audience, their age and interests.

Buying your custom backpacks from wholesale backpack suppliers will help you design the backpack in the best way possible. You can even get your logo on the custom backpack with a click at Ezihom.

Moreover, a wholesale backpack manufacturer can offer you a wide variety of bags to expand your brand in the future, hassle-free. You can broaden your brand exposure by working with a wholesale backpack manufacturer.

Types of Backpacks you can Select From

If you’re looking for the right backpack to define your brand, you need experience. With a good many number of backpack styles and varieties to choose from, you need to know the right backpack for your brand. We will define 8 best backpack styles you can select to launch your brand today.

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  • Laptop Backpacks

From daily commute to long distance travel over air, land or sea, laptop backpack keeps your laptop secure. Be it the airport screening or last-minute lounge work at the station, backpacks made for laptops need to be practical, durable and stylish. In such a backpack, you can carry more than just your laptop such as clothes or gadgets too.

  • Front Load And Top Load backpack

A front loading or panel loading backpack is the backpack that opens the entire front. The top loading backpack is one that requires you to pack your things bottom to up, in layers. Front loaders are sturdy with a good support and security while top loader backpack is its vertical arrangement that prevents accessibility.

  • Convertible Backpack

A multifunctional backpack that can convert into a different bag such as a purse or a formal handbag is called a convertible backpack. It is versatile to suit multiple functions, attires and events or commute.

  • Travel Backpack

The most common type of backpack is the travel backpack, typically seen with shoulder straps. It can hold your travel accessories and things securely in addition to the laptop and other sensitive gadgets. You can pick the travel backpack by hiking, trekking, mountaineering, biking and camping, based on your target audience.  

  • Technical Backpack

If you’re going to be spending time overnight with your backpack, you need a backpack with a sleeping bag or one that can carry 40 liters and upwards to 80 liters. Also called a tactical backpack, such a bag also contains bonus accessories like hydration packs or is made with waterproof material.

  • Daypack Backpacks

Ideal for short and long commutes, daypacks can be taken on your evening walk to the weekend camping trips. It has a capacity of 20-40 liters. There are snow daypacks, work daypacks and climbing or cycling daypacks you can choose from.

  • School Backpack

Fitted with one to two shoulder straps, school backpacks are used by students to take to school or backpacks for college. They need to sturdy, lightweight and durable. It fits educational essentials such as books, pens, pencil, snacks or water.

  • Duffel Backpacks

When an ordinary duffel bag is built with shoulder straps you can use to wear just like a backpack, it is called a duffel backpack. These are easy to carry backpacks that provides room for a variety of essentials.  

Best Backpack Manufacturer in China

You’re looking for a good backpack manufacturer and you’re sure you will find it in China. Congratulations on your choice because China is the factory of the world. You can get any design of backpack made in China.

  • Ezihom Since 2014

Our flagship brand, Ezihom specializes in a variety of backpacks in addition to handbags, tote bags, laptop bags, toiletry bag, drawstring bags, and wine bags in our collection.

We can help you design your dream backpack with your custom logo and grow your business, wherever you are. Our decades-long experience boasts our credibility and you will get nothing but the perfect backpack you want. Situated in Guangzhou, we provide discounts for wholesale backpack buyers!

  • Chinabrands

A wholesale bag manufacturer in China, Chinabrands offers a wide variety of backpacks at different price ranges. Items are updated every day. No live chat feature is offered on the website for quick help.

  • Twin Oaks

Located in Baigou, Twin Oaks offers minimum styles of laptop backpacks. Besides the limited options on backpacks, there is no search feature on the website.

Best Backpack Manufacturer in U.S

Are you looking for a backpack manufacturer in the U.S? Our experts found three top wholesale bag suppliers in the United States who might help you. Let’s take a look.

  • Oasis Bags

From gift bags to backpacks, this online backpack supplier in the U.S sells camping bags too. They also manufacture bags. Although they do not have live chat, Oasis Bags feature a large number of products. Refund policy is not clear on the website!

  • Myron

A wholesale supplier of pens, drinkware and backpacks, Myron offers backpacks with custom logo too. However, shipping of your order takes a long span of time on Myron.

  • Bags in Bulk

One of the major backpack supplier in the U.S, Bags in Bulk has Free shipping on all its products. Even though the customer support is unavailable at the bigger half of the day, the backpacks are affordable. However, they do not deliver to numerous countries.

Best Backpack Manufacturer in U.K

Are you in the U.K? Perhaps you want to start your brand in U.K. Suppliers for backpacks in the U.K are available with many incentives. Although, China is far ahead for backpack manufacturers, U.K backpack wholesale suppliers are worth taking a look at.

  • Wordans

Selling T-shirts and headwear in addition to backpacks, Wordans does not offer any live chat for customers. Another con is the longer delivery duration of the product on Wordans.

  • Fire Label

In addition to backpacks, Fire Label also sells T-shirts and Polos. The online wholesale backpack manufacturer in U.K offers fair prices. Although the live chat option is unavailable on this online store, you can get free shipping if you’re ordering from the U.K.

  • Ancient Wisdom

From collectibles to candles and soap, Ancient Wisdom also sells backpacks. The online store is open to backpack entrepreneurs although prices are revealed only when you register. The easy to use website does not offer free deliveries to non-European countries.

How to Find the Best Backpack Manufacturer?

You are ready to order your first backpack from the best backpack manufacturer. What is the next step? You need to find a trustworthy, accountable and credible wholesale backpack seller. The best way to do that is by following the professional advice listed below.

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1.   Ask Questions to the Supplier

You need to inquire about the capacity of the manufacturer. Knowing whether they can provide you the dream backpack will decide the future of your brand. Discuss your design and ask questions about their efficiency.  

2.   Estimate Your Budget

You need to have a clear estimate of the budget to deal with a supplier. How much are you willing to spend? What will be your profits? How many backpacks do you need to start your store? Determine the answer to all these questions.

3.   Go for Trade Shows

If you want to find a backpack manufacturer ASAP, go to your nearest trade show. Browse the backpack designs and talk with the manufacturer of the design you like. It connects you with wholesale bag sellers you can discuss your plans face to face with.

4.   Yellow Pages

Dig into the yellow pages if any backpack manufacturer is listed near you. Call them up and inquire!

5.   Buy Exiting Backpack Sellers

If a backpack seller or brand is going out of business, buy their brand and inventory at low prices. You can renovate and remodel it as your brand.

How to Choose The Best Backpack Manufacturer

Once you’ve shortlisted the right manufacturers, how do you pick the best one?

1.   Credible, Certified and Accountable

Check the credibility, reviews and certifications of the backpack manufacturer. You need to know if you can trust the supplier.

2.   Find Out The MOQ of The Order

Does the minimum order quantity of the supplier meet your demands? This is the sample order you have to order from every supplier.

3.   Quality Control Measures

What are the quality control measures applied by the supplier? How do you return items you’re dissatisfied with? What are their after sale services? Find out from their customer service!


After getting the right answers, you can pick the best backpack manufacturer. At Ezihom, we are ready to help you design your dream backpack, any time of the day. Write to us and get your custom backpack with logo!