The Best Handbag Trends in Fall/Winter 2019-2020

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An exciting time for your closets and wardrobes, the fall handbag trends are out. Our bag experts have decoded the best handbag trends in fall/winter 2019-2020 so that you can find the best bag to feature your bag. If you’re releasing a new style or design of bags, looking at the color trends and accessories trends for women’s bags will help you research.

Best Handbag Trends in Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Looking for the trendiest women’s handbags to feature on your shop? We’ve got the best types of handbags that are trending hot for fall/ winter 2019-2020 that you can pick the perfect style for your brand. Ready?

·    Formal Handbag

Different from an evening bag, formal handbag is a bag with big space and room so that you can take your vanity and office accessories with you. It is a large women’s bag fit for carrying your personal items and even a mini handbag or clutch inside.

formal handbag

·    Daily Clutch Bag

Another playful bag to accent your personality this fall, daily clutch bags are trending owing to their practicality and style of use. Clutch bags that are small or oversized, both trend hot at the autumn/winter 2019-2020 collections.

clutch bags

·    Handbag with Handle

An improvisation of the classic formal handbag, a recent handbag trend in fall is carrying a bag with handle. Such a bag can be carried on your arms or shoulders, as you see fit. Handle bag trend features large handbags perfect for classy parties and even office wear.

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·    Mini Handbag

Popular as a mini shoulder bag or a tiny purse, mini handbags are usually no bigger than your palm. Cross body mini bags cannot hold a large vanity, but adds to your looks excellently. It is the best party-go to handbag to release this autumn 2019-2020.

mini handbag

·    Chained Handbag

A fun and funky version of a handbag, the chained handbag is a bespoke accessory that accents your attire, however you wear it. If you want a top handle bag with a long strap, you can wear in many other ways too. Just let us at Ezihom know the type of bag you want and we will help you out!

chained handbag

Color Trends of Women’s Bags in Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Women Bag Trends change with the change of seasons. This fall and upcoming winter, you need to stock up with the following colors to standout from your competitors. Your attire should have all three colors mentioned under each color category with a good choice of handbag color to complete your fall/winter trend.

Pantone Colors

·    Lazy Purple

A mix of purple, popular as the Pantone Color Violet Ice mixed with Puce and White Asparagus are the dominant shades in this category. You can pair a soft violet hue attire with a puce black purse and white asparagus shoes this winter to flaunt your refined taste in fashion.

·    Contrast Teal

The essential three tones in this category are the Pantone Colors Riverside with Blue Fog and Malaga. It is a beautiful group of soft teal, dark teal and maroon. You can wear a soft teal coat with a dark teal or blue handbag and a maroon shoe to perfect your look in the fall of 2019-2020

·    Summer Dark Forest

A vibrant mix of Pantone color Willow Bough with Night Sky and Summer Fig gives weight to this winter trend to show off for your next party. It is a mix of deep forest green, black and a dark shade of red. Wear a red handbag with a green dress and black shoes to polish this look.  

·    Tangerine Blues

The Pantone color Bayou is a special shade when clubbed with Tangerine Tango makes an unforgettable look. This non-pariel color combination is a dark shade of cyan blue with an orange tangerine shade. Wear your attire in the tangerine color and pair it with the bayou blue handbag to own this look.

·    Silver Flamingo

A vivid harmony of Pantone Colors Flamingo, Poinsettia and Celadon Tint, this is the color trend for classy ladies. The crimson to orange and silver hues give a regal feel to the overall look against the fall colors. You can wear a Flamingo red or orange handbag to pull this look gracefully!

·    Purple Bluebird

One for the ramps, Pantone Color bluebird with aster purple and cameo rose makes up Autumn 2019-2020. It features a beautiful dark teal blue with dark purple and dark rose complements the colors of the winter. You can rock with a bluebird handbag to carry this look like a goddess!

·    Red Sunflower Shadow

Beautiful combination of fall colors that reflect and complement the radiant season, this is a color trend that is contemporary. It is a mix of Pantone color Sunflower with shadow grey and mineral red. The softness of mineral red is fit for a handbag while shadow grey makes you look elegant and sunflower is yet another option for your accessories.   

·    Glacier Pea Green

One of a kind combination of colors that makes you look one with the nature, glacier grey and split pea are pantone colors to wear this autumn. While glacier grey emanates a silver hue, split pea is a dark olivine green, fit for your handbag.

Fabrics in Women Bag Trends for Fall/Winter 2019-2020

When you’re looking at the best handbag material trends for 2019/2020, you are looking at the best of best. These are tested and proven as fashion-forward and functional for handbags of all kinds. Let’s find the best trending handbag material for your line of handbags for the fall/winter.

·    Metallic Leather

Produced from cow hide, metallic leather is a stylish alternative to ordinary dull leather. It is a reflective surface that makes your handbag look chic and out of the ordinary. Metallic leather is also durable and perfect for both formal handbags and chained handbags. They are rad from all angles!

·    Imperfect Surface Leather

Simple yet sassy, imperfect surface leather has a midnight blue-tint. It is perfect for mini handbags as well as formal handbags and handle bags. For featuring the best bag of your brand, surface leather is an exquisite choice.

·    Striated Leather

A recent invention, striated leather is naturally seen as parallel lines on the hide. It is a stylish alternative to the dull and typical texture of the leather. Striated leather makes a formal handbag look fashion-forward.

·    Inflated and Embossed Leather

If you want your bag to maintain shape while providing enough room, the stretchy inflated leather is a good option. On the other hand, embossed leather is the leather with designs embossed with a machine or hand using pressure onto the leather. They are ideal for formal handbags, chained handbags, clutches and mini handbags.

·    Jacquard Fabric

A beautiful fabric that is ideal for durable handbags, jacquard fabric is woven to create raised designs on the fabric. Gorgeous and dramatic, jacquard fabric is perfect for formal handbags and clutch bags for daily use.  

·    Holographic Fabric

When a hologram is printed on a fabric, it creates a reflective surface that offers a shimmer to your ordinary fabric. Such a fabric is ideal for fashion handbags with handle, mini handbags and daily clutch bags. It is a unique material that can set your brand apart from your competitors.

·    Printed Fabric

Ranging from jute to cotton and canvas, printed fabric is a versatile material trending for fall/autumn handbags in 2019-2020. Printed fabric is recommended for formal bags and mini handbags. It makes your style look graceful.

·    Textile Fabric

Another trending choice of fabric for handbags is the textile fabric. It is a good option if you want textured fabric for your custom handbags. From daily clutch bags to handbags, textile fabric works well with many styles.

Leather Material Types
Fabric Design

Accessories in Handbag Trends in Fall/Winter 2019-2020

When you’re designing your dream handbag to feature your brand identity and tone, you need the bag to look unique. It should speak to your target audience with a single picture. It is proven a good picture can speak more than a thousand words. What is the best accessory trending for handbags in 2019-2020?

·    Custom Hardware

Metals like copper and zinc alloy are used to create decorative crafts you can add to make your handbag one of a kind. Custom hardware choices can upgrade the value of your bag as well. You can add your custom logo on the bag in custom hardware, besides choosing designer buckles.

·    Crystal Stone

Adding rhinestones and colorful crystals add more than a plain shimmer to mini handbags, clutches and handbags with handles. Crystals and stones can be detailed as per your choice to create a unique style for your brand.

·    Acrylic Paint

If your brand wants to style handbags in acrylic paint, we can offer you designs to do so. Our art department can help you find the best acrylic design to make your handbags reflect your brand voice.

·    Fringe Design

Another audience-favorite for fall/winter is the fringe design. You can get fringes on the front flap of the bag or just your logo as well. It makes your formal bags look cool and make your chained bags look super-sassy!  

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Wondering how to turn your idea into an actual bag? If you have more questions, just leave us a comment!