How to Turn Your Genius Idea of Bag into An Actual Product?

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If you’ve ever wanted to start a business, you know the challenges are one too many. However, the truth everyone has been hiding from you is revealed today. From your bare-boned idea of a bag to curating the fittest product, ordering production launch and earning profits, we have everything laid out for you! Don’t ponder how to turn your great idea of bag into an actual product. We’ve all the answers right HERE.

9 Simple Steps to Turn Your Idea of a Bag into A Real Product

Congratulations! You have a great idea for a bag. However, is it good enough to succeed? What do the pros do when they have a great idea for a bag? They, don’t just leap, they think too. If you don’t think before you leap, someone else can steal your business idea from under your nose. Follow the below and you don’t need to worry about a thing.

We will help you establish your idea of bag into an actual product in the next ten minutes. Are you ready?

1.   Create an Idea for a Stunning Bag

When you’re thinking about a new bag idea, don’t just scribble it on a tissue paper or rough book. Be committed to your idea. It needs to be ironclad and needs to resolve the problems of the market you’re targeting.

Get a new journal for your business bag idea and start writing in it. That’s because, if someone questions your ownership of the business in a court of justice someday, you will have proof to rebut with your journal.

You must create a brand Logo that is creative and attractive too.  Write down all the things your bag needs. What sets it apart from the ordinary bags? It might not be personal to you, but it is to the buyer.

2. Research and Find Your Ideal Customer

Finding if there is a market worth your efforts is vital to planning any business idea. Your invention needs to have demand, in order to thrive.

The key point is researching about the viable market. To do so, you need to find your target audience. You can research the most popular buyers for bags and then focus on your niche. Focus on find the the audience by age, gender, income and preferences. To emerge as a rising star in the competition, you need to find the core points setting you apart from your competitors. The more you know about the target customer, the more ways you can market your bag invention into a sale!

To know more about the niche, go to relevant trade shows and fairs. Start your research with Top 15 bag producing regions of China.

3. Protect Your Business Legally

When you hire the first person, you need an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) signed from the same person. It is important to protect your intellectual property, that is the bag design and idea before you start inviting people into the project.

Even if you’re just starting out, consult a lawyer and get to know the licenses and forms you need employees to fill so that your business is protected. If your bag idea is unique or if it’s an invention, get in touch with patent filing department in your country. Regardless of whether you want to sell the idea, having a patent gives you the right to protect it. If you’re starting a website, be sure to get the privacy policy and copyrights added.

4. Create A Sample Bag

Building a Prototype is the heart and soul of any new invention. That’s because what you conceived in your mind needn’t be actionable or functional in reality. That’s why, we suggest you create your own sample prototype. It can help you pitch your needs clearly to the manufacturer. You can get the help of nearby tailors or our own manufacturing department to order your samples. It will help you understand the flaws, if any, of your product. Sample bag will even give you brilliant ideas to evolve your product.  

We do not charge for sample bags without logo. The total production time for a sample bag can take anywhere between 7 to 12 days. We are professional bag manufacturers capable of making tens and hundreds of bags according to your requirements.

5. Talk to Bag Manufacturers

This is the most crucial step yet: find the right manufacturer for your amazing new bag idea. Being long term players of the game, Ezihom Custom knows how to develop array of bags in all sizes that fit your idea. You can get in touch with our customer service persons to share your idea and see to its production. If you end up with the wrong manufacturer, you might lose a lot of money.

Ezihom bag manufacturers will help you develop your stylish new bag with all the requirements you need. Going on your own hunting for manufacturers can end you in a lot of scams. We are a reputable bag manufacturer with decades of industry experience. Our experts have an answer to all your queries!  

6. Add Your Custom Logo

Next step is to create and share your custom brand logo with the manufacturer. If you want to protect your idea, you need to be a business with a trademark. Logo is the trademark that protects your business from scammers. Creating a logo is easy as all you have to do is find a graphic designer and share your idea.

Adding your own logo to the bag gives legs to your idea, further expanding your brand exposure and recognition. Once you share your custom logo for the bag, we will discuss all about its placement and meanings so that you can get the bag of your dreams, made exactly as it needs to be.

7. Select Your Bag

Once you’ve talked and ordered your product, we will send you samples as you request. You need to select the best product according to your requirements. If you have alterations, speak to our customer service to find assistance.

How is your Quality Assessment team? If you haven’t formed one, it is time to do so. You need rules and regulations that govern and assess the quality rating of each product you sell.

The important thing is to create the product exactly as you want it. We provide excellent assistance so that you get to choose from a long line of bags to suit your needs. Compare the costs, production time, face value and so on before you finalize your choice.

8. Launch The Bag

Once you’re ready with the bag, next step is to get your idea ready for the commercial playground. Simply put, you need to launch the first production of your custom bag. Once you’ve cleared all your doubts you can order the production by signing the contract.

Do not hesitate from being specific in your demands about the product. It will only better the production of your bag. You can create a list of specs you need when you confirm production to the manufacturer.

Before you launch your products, here’s a hidden tip for you- Test it!

You can test your bag by sharing it with marketers or a selection of ideal customers. Seek their reviews and feedback before you order production of your bag. You can talk about your key findings with your team or us to help you further. Remember that product takes between 25 to 30 working business days. We offer both air freight and ocean freight for transporting your order.

Signing up with a credible bag manufacturer like Ezihom also gives you the advantage of 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can return it for full refunds, no questions asked!

9. Advertise and Promote Your Product Online

Once you’re done with the production of your custom bag from a small idea, it is time to you’re your launch a grand success. Today, anything can get viral on Social Media. With a global penetrate rate of 45%, social media offers more customers than you can imagine. From Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, there is a thriving market for custom bags you need to tap into.

You can get all the traction you want for the business with the Social media jump. Regardless of whether you’re selling your bag online or offline, exposure and publicity means good news for your brand!

To start with, open social media accounts for your brand across all the pages. On every advertising platform, you can narrow down your target audience and sell to the exclusive set that has a higher chance of buying from you.

Another way to promote your brand and its products is via digital marketing that involves creating organic search value for your products and brand itself. More on that later …


Once you’ve got the product in your hand, you can sell it directly or via mail. If your business is registered, open an e-commerce shop to cut all the hassles.

The last and the final step is to sit back and Earn your Profits for all the work you did! Start researching women bag trends NOW!

Are you ready to turn your genius idea of bag into an actual product? Tell us in the comments below.