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Planning to sell your own line of custom bags? Perhaps you’re searching for the best China Bag Suppliers for your new and upcoming bag brand. We’ve got your bag (pun intended)! The best bag manufacturer in China can be found by their experience, credibility and service offers.

Rather than bragging about how good one brand is, let us help you locate all the top five regions in China for bag manufacturing. We’ve also listed the top 15 best suppliers for wholesale bags in China so that you can choose your pick!

5 China Bag Manufacturing Regions and Top 15 China Bag Wholesale Suppliers

One of the important portal hubs of the 17th century, China is now the factory of the world. That’s because China offers less costs, industrial size capability, skilled workers and transportation necessary for production of goods on a large scale unlike other countries. By narrowing down your search by regions and hotspots of bag manufacturing in China, you can find the best supplier for all your needs.

We are going to divide the total top 15 bag manufacturers by regions so that you can get an idea about the bag manufacturing market in China. Let’s start!

1. GuangZhou

Popular earlier as Canton fair, GuangZhou is located 75 miles from Hong Kong and 90 miles from Macau. A thriving hotspot of china bag market, Guangzhou is considered the best place to produce custom handbags, luggage, clutch bag, PU bags and backpacks. Although, if you’re looking for cosmetic bag manufacturers, Guangzhou is not the place to look for. Sophisticated handbags are easy to make in GuangZhou as they have highly skilled laborers and state of the art factories. Yiwu is another China bag supplier city for premium handbags.

An important port city for premium bag manufacturers in China, Guangzhou is the center of China’s leather industry. In fact, GuangZhou factories produced over 1,000,000,000 leather bags in 2017 alone. The center of Guangdong for commerce, Guangzhou suppliers offer high quality luggage bags and trolley bags. It is expected to grow into a major hub of trade creating ‘GuangZhou – Shenzen – Hong Kong – Macao technology corridor’. Production of high-tech products are vast in Guangzhou.


  • High-end Handbags
  • Leader of Leather Goods
  • Skilled Workers
  • Advanced Factories


  • High Labor Cost

Let us look at the top bag manufacturers in GuangZhou, China.

  •  Ezihom Custom BagsOne of the finest bag manufacturers with a decade of experience manufacturing for global clientele, Ezihom offers handbag, tote bags, laptop sleeves, garment bags, fanny bags, toiletry bag, duffel bag, drawstring bag, tote bags and wine bags.
  • ShiningWholesale bag manufacturer for tote bags, shoulder bags, backpack, cards and wallets, Shining is an affiliate of Alibaba with Live chat option available on their website.
  • JS Corp – JS Corporation produces high quality handbags, leather bags, clutches, sling bags, shoulder bags and vanity bags.
  • Lee & Man Development – From duffel bags to hand bag, cosmetic bag and sling bags. Lee & Man is renowned for their craftsmanship.
  • SuperlKnown for their powder coated technology, Superl provides quality leather bags for big brands across the globe.

2. PingHu

A city established in the 15th century, PingHu was the center of trade relations of China with Korea and Japan, sometime ago. It is located within a 90-mile radius of Shanghai, Ningbo, Suzhou and Hangzhou.

If you can afford costlier labor charges, PingHu offers top quality bag suppliers in China. There is a history of international business and most suppliers are well-prepared for foreign investors and brands. PingHu is also China’s leading luggage and suitcase manufacturers. Suppliers in PingHu can take bulk orders with a quick TAT. If you want quick production, PingHu is the place to go.

PingHu is the leading China bag manufacturer for luggage bags, and backpacks, not cosmetic bags or handbags. It is located in the best economically developed zone of China, The Yangtze Rivel Delta. Known for post and telecommunications, shipping from PingHu is also easy for international brands. It is popular as one of the cities in the Silicone Triangle of China.


  • More trustworthy Manufacturer
  • Specific Products like suit case
  • Most of the China’s largest luggage manufacturers


  • High Labor Cost

Let us look at the top bag manufacturers in PINGHU, China.

  • Shengen Bag Manufacture FactoryFrom trolley bags to backpacks, luggage bags, toy storage bags, carrier bags, duffel bags and wheel bag for mountaineers, Shengen Bag supplier in PingHu makes everything.
  • Newcomer GroupA wholesale bag supplier in PingHu, Newcomer Group provides luggage bags, trolley bags, carrier bags and duffel bags by series; namely, Business Series, Fashion Series, Leisure Series and Sports Series.
  • Alpine BagsFeatures luggage to shoppers bag, garment bags, travel wagon, tote bags, duffel bags and foldable grocery shopping bags with wheels.
  • Ginza TravelGinza offers custom bags and boxes.

3. CangNan County

The best destination of bag wholesale suppliers for non-woven bags, canvas bags and cosmetic bags, CangNan County is located on the coast off China. In fact, CangNan estimates up to 20% of national output for printing and packaging requirements.

Considered an innovative city in China with skilled workers and managers, CangNan is known as ‘China’s Printing City’. Boasting advanced printing equipment with 30% of all China packages printing happening here, CangNan is host to many wholesale suppliers for bags. It is best for printed fancy canvas bags, but bad for handbags and luggage or trolley bags. CangNan canvas and tote bags are famous, but it is not wise to get your backpacks made in CangNan County.

For brands focused on printed bags and lamination and varied printing methods, CangNan offers the best. For foreign investors, CangNan offers best trade assurances as it is the site of Zhejiang-Taiwan Economic and Trade Co-Operation Zone since 2011. The city also features ideal transportation and shipping options for bag brands.


  • Thousands of printing houses
  • Non-woven bags and canvas bags
  • High print quality


  • Low Labor Cost

Let us look at the top bag manufacturers in Cangnan County, China.

CangNan Well BagsSupplier on Alibaba, CangNan Well offers PP non-woven bags, PET bag, nylon bag, drawstring bags, cooler bags, cotton bags and Kraft bags.

Lemei Bags Co Ltd.Offering custom printed bags and lamination, Lemei has silk screen printing too.

Tian Rui Chemical FibreOffering ultra sonic bags and free samples, Tian Rui offers non-woven fabric, cooler bags, storage bags, foldable bag, shoulder bag and jute bags.

HuaHaoFrom spunlace to spunbond and spun-melt, there are varied products to choose on HuaHao.

4. QuanZhou

Also known as Chinchew, QuanZhou is a port city popular as Zaiton in the 13th and 14th centuries part of the Silk Road. Visited by Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta and Friar Ododric of Pordenone, QuanZhou is a commercial hub of China. Another advantage of setting up in QuanZhou is the ease of transportation as QuanZhou is a major port in the Fujian province.

Known for manufacturing backpacks and luggage rather than handbags or canvas bags, QuanZhou is the hotspot for sports shoes and clothing too. It accounts for 20% of world’s shoe production and 80% of Chinese demands, thus giving it the name ‘China’s Shoe City’. Labor costs are estimated to be slightly higher in QuanZhou than other cities for bag suppliers in China. They are best for travel bags and sports bags.


  • Price competitiveness
  • Sports bags, laptop bags or travel bags


  • High Labor Cost

Let us look at the top bag manufacturers in Quanzhou, China.

  • Twinkling StarFocused on Leisure and Fashion, Twinkling Star offers Fashion Casual, Business Casual, Student Campus, Outdoor Mountaineering, and Baby child series of bags in China.

5. Baigou Town

Called the Yiwu of the North, Baigou is a trade hotspot. It offers lower labor costs and ideal conditions for emerging companies in need of China bag suppliers. The wages in Baigou are 2/3rd of Southern China and hence, cost-efficient. However, the bag manufacturing workers in Baigou need direct training.

A portal town close to Hebet, Baigou is the 3rd largest bag manufacturing center of China. However, do keep in mind that wholesale bag suppliers in Baigou are relatively new to international trade.

If you need complex and sophisticated custom bags, Baigou is not the right place to be. You will end up spending more time training the manufacturers. They are known for handbags, cosmetic bags and backpacks but not luggage bags. If you’re focused on trolley and duffel bags, Baigou is not a good option to start in.


  • Price competitiveness
  • Third largest hub of bag manufacturing industry


  • Not good at making complex bags
  • Factories here are relatively small

Let us look at the top bag manufacturers in Baigou, China.

  • Three Birds Luggage – Offers a line of laptop bags, cosmetic bags, backpacks, toiletry bags, cooler bags, handbags and tote bags.

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